No Ordinary Sheila

Kirsten Takes The lead in this little song co-wriiten with Hugh McDonald for his new movie about legendary Kiwi Sheila Natusch.

40 Winters

Song about a retired bricklayer I met at a friend's house one evening. Live in RNZ's Wellington studios on Jesse Mulligan's show. 

Two Words

For the bloke we invariably meet at weddings

I'd Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra

From the CD 'Middle Class White Boy Blues', an affectionate but slightly irreverent song about Old Blue Eyes. 


With Hot Club Sandwich trio offering bit of relationship counselling to an audience at Old St Paul's in Wellington.

You can buy Appliances from here.

Let's Talk About Me

A perennial Hot Club Sandwich favourite, written after getting stuck in a restaurant in Sydney with some expat Kiwis. Nils Olsen plays some great sax.

You can buy Let's Talk About Me from here.

My Daughter's Got a Boyfriend

My attempt to break into the hip hop market while singing about every parent's worst nightmare.

You can buy My Daughter's Got a Boyfriend from here.

Middle Class White Boy Blues

Recorded live at the legendary Devonport Bunker, with a bit of spoken preamble.

You can buy Middle Class White Boy Blues from here.

Emily Bay

A travelogue for Norfolk Island with a slightly dark side - Emily Bay is the story of a convict uprising in the 1840s.

You can buy Emily Bay from itunes.

Damn That Cattlestop/Rosetta Road

On the Good Morning Show, TVNZ. A performance of Damn that Cattleshop, an interview with Jim and Andrew finishing with Rosetta Road.

No Ordinary Sheila

Kirsten takes the lead in the little song co-written with Hugh MacDonald for his new movie about Sheila Natusch.